Sukkah for Mel Brooks

Through changes in scale, incongruity and constant subversion and reinvention, this sukkah elevates to a space beyond the limits of truth. The moments inside the sukkah epitomize the myriad facets of Mel Brooks and Judaism. Each space implies the presence of others, unbounded by physical reality, and each fragment is there to imply the whole, as truth can never be grasped in its entirety. Framed between two cultural icons of Mexico from the past to the present, the sukkah, with its highly specific Jewish identity, serves as the constantly evolving transition and reminder to all: to belong one must first wander. Its ephemerality and reverence cement the Jewish tradition at the same time dematerialize it further, transcending religious faith into the universal human condition. It is through these intersections of physical manifestations could we begin to comprehend empathy and humanity beyond nations and religions.