American Promise / In Collaboration with Juan De Marco 

Firmly rooted in the ground, the monolith expresses Peace Corps’ undaunted aspiration to serve others amidst adversity and challenges. Draped in blue and white stripes, the monolith is an addition to the urban landscape of the National Mall, incorporating both new and old architecture as it gives shape to the essential characteristics of our democracy. The monolith's pattern operates as an optical mechanism which directs us both internally and externally, leading us in procession towards the National Mall. When viewed up close, the monolith is to be felt and touched, as the desire for improvement is a human experience that is palpable and shared across cultures and national borders. With its pattern that embodies boundlessness and movement, the monolith reflects Peace Corps’ values by echoing the truth of the American Promise: through service and commitment come progress and the promise of a better future for all mankind.