Architecture Club in London

The Architecture Club in London serves as an incubator for creative designs and conversations in the field of architecture. Situated in a major hub of architecture firms, the Club serves not only as a venue for habitation and relaxation for young budding architects, but also as a platform for expression and design outside the firm context. This Club does not fully take on the exclusivity of a Club, for the theatre and gallery, which are easily accessible from the ground floor, are meant to engage the public in architects’ dialogues and demystify any notions of an architect. The building is divided into two wings, one public and one private, with the theatre flanked in the middle. The more public wing has a bar, restaurant, and gallery, whereas the more private side contains studio spaces interspersed within the apartment units. The play of transparent and opaque glazing of the studios allows residents to glance at or carefully observe the activities taken place inside. The library and public gathering space on the top floor further unite the building as a whole. The sculptural nature of the building is a manifestation of movement and light, and it is meant to stitch the differences in program and bring people together through its flow and continuity.